Thursday, January 24, 2013


Swasti Gallery brings forward another edition of its annual calendar showcase the Varsha – 2013. What makes it more special this time is that all the works that are chosen to go on the walls of Swasti are from young talented emerging artists from Bangalore and Mysore. Swasti Gallery like always has been welcoming to young talents to exhibit their talent in their gallery space. The annual calendar of Swasti showcases the images of these beautiful art works.
The launch of the Varsha -2013 art show and the calendar was at the Vivanta by Taj , MG Road, on the 17th of January 2013. With a display of 24 works across the poolside at the Vivanta, it was indeed a visual treat! With this splendid view there was a warm opening reception with a flow of over 60 people! Chairman of HCG, Dr.Ajaikumar, and Director of the Swasti Gallery Mrs.Bhagya Ajaikumar welcomed and addressed the gathering. Many art lovers, critiques and buyers were present to witness and enjoy the evening made more special by the display of the works and the presence of all the twelve artists!
Over 5 art works were sold out like hot cakes over a span of three hours! Swasti has an eye to select quality art pieces and at the same time introduce young talents into the art scenario. What makes the sales of this particular show special from the rest is that, by buying an art work at the Varsha serves an encouragement for the young talents to grow and spread their wings in this field, the buyer will also be contributing the HCG Foundation (Swasti) raise money for aiding poor cancer patients!
The Varsha show will continue at the Swasti Art Gallery fom the 18th of January till the 4th of March 2013.

Thursday, January 3, 2013



Photography is something that catches everyone’s attention and it is indeed a good choice to color walls! This time, Swasti had an eye grabbing photography exhibition!!! – Vismaya Kirinah by five photography enthusiasts. A splendid collection of 30 photographs were selected to go on the walls of Swasti.

Vismaya Kirinah a group of five photographers (Amar Bhaskar, Sisir kumar, Venugopal, Murali Santhanam and Balan Vinod) all with the background of an IT industry have an excellent skill in photography. What makes these set of photographs special from the rest is that the sales proceedings of the works will go towards the aiding of cancer patients at the HCG Hospital.

The group - Vismaya travel during their weekend to capture these wonderful pictures. The photographs are aesthetically appealing with a well balance of light and shade. This makes these works no different from the experience of looking at a painting. The intervention of spaces and juxtaposing of the objects within the frame of these photographs is visually charming. They clearly exhibit the creative eye behind the camera lens.

A few pictures display the details that are mostly overlooked by the human eye, captured in macro they are a visual treat indeed! The thin line in-between a photograph and a painting are well balanced in these pictures.

The show is on till the 13th of January 2013 at the Swasti Gallery.

Dr. Ajai Kumar with Foreign Patients
Amar Lighting the Lamp
Kiranah Team

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